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Are you looking for cancellation of your flight ticket? If yes, then this write-up will help you to process the same. Due to health issues or some office work, not an issue with Etihad Airways. This Airway is very straightforward also at the time of cancellation. So, before canceling any reservation the flyer must have the proper knowledge about the cancellation and refund policy of that airline. This article will narrate some key highlights of the Etihad airways cancellation policy. Follow the below points:

Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy

  1. As per Etihad Cancellation policy, the passenger can cancel their reservation within 24 hours of reservation without paying any cancellation fee.
  2. The traveler needs to pay 10% of the total ticket fare if they cancel their reservation within 96 hours of the scheduled departure of the flight.
  3. The airline will not charge any can cancellation fee if any traveler cancels their reservation for any direct family member’s death. But they must show any documentation as proof.
  4. The traveler will get a refund if the ticket will refundable, unused, or must purchase at least 5 days before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Etihad Airways Refund Policy

  1. As per Etihad refund policy, the passenger can make a refund request after cancellation from the manage my booking section of the official website of Etihad.
  2. The refund will be generated in the original form of booking the ticket.
  3. The credit card refund will take 14 to 30 days from the date of making the refund request.
  4. In case, if any traveler cancels a Guest seat, they need to pay 10% of the ticket fare as a cancellation fee and the traveler must make the refund request at the Etihad Guest service center under the validity period.
  5. No refund will be if the ticket gets canceled within 4 hours from the departure.

How to cancel Etihad Airways flight tickets?

  1. You can cancel your Etihad ticket online using the manage booking tab at
  2. Just visit Etihad official website and tap on the Manage tab.
  3. Then select the view or change booking tab, provide your ticket number and last name, and hit the find my booking button.
  4. Now, choose the flight you wish to cancel and click on the cancel/change tab.
  5. Then select the cancel my booking option and confirm your ticket cancellation after verifying your flight details.

What if the issue is from Airlines End

  1. If the flight gets canceled due to bad weather conditions, the airline will not charge any extra fee for changing the flight.
  2. If your flight gets affected due to unforeseen events, the airlines will provide you with miles that you can use for the next flight booking.
  3. In case of a delayed flight, the airline will arrange the next connecting flight or provide a one-time meal or hotel accommodation if the night flight gets delayed.

Cancellation fee on Flight Cancellation

The traveler who needs to cancel their ticket must have the proper knowledge about the cancellation fee of Etihad Airlines. The traveler can cancel their reservation free of cost within 24 hours of reservation. After that, Etihad Airlines' cancellation fee depends on the route and the fare class of the ticket. If any flyer cancels their reservation less than 96 hours of the scheduled departure of the flight, they need to pay 10% of the ticket fare as a cancellation fee. If any traveler books several fares, in such case the most restrictive fare rule will apply. For more information about the Etihad cancellation fee, the traveler can contact the airline's customer service center. provides you with online guides to cancel your airline tickets, products and services.

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