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Air Europa Cancellation Policy

Nowadays, flight schedules tend to change in a blink of an eye. Due to Covid, circumstances are so volatile, that changes in the flight schedule may take place anytime. Hence, if you are planning to cancel your Air Europa flight, then try not to cancel it yourself as this would be a voluntary change and under this, there’s no chance you can get a refund for your flight. However, we understand that sometimes emergencies do force us to cancel the flight. But if there’s no emergency, then we suggest waiting for some time as there’s a chance that the airline may introduce some changes in your flight schedule due to which you can get a refund for your ticket.

Moreover, if your flight is cancelled less than 14 days before the departure then according to EC 261, Air Europa will be liable to pay a compensation of up to $700 dollars to the afflicted passengers based on the passenger cabin class.

And if you are cancelling your flight voluntarily as per the 24-hour cancellation policy, then there’s no need to worry as cancellations within 24 hours are absolutely free and refunds are guaranteed. The only difference in the 24-hour refund policy now is that instead of getting a straight refund, an e-voucher will be issued to you that can be used to make the next booking within 1 year from the date of the original purchase.

According to the updated refund policy of Air Europa, you will get a refund only when the flight is cancelled by the airline itself. For voluntary cancellations, the airline will not provide any refund. You can only expect an e-voucher if there’s some emergency and the flight is cancelled as per the 24-hour cancellation policy.

Steps to cancel Air Europa flight ticket online

How to cancel the Air Europa flight offline?

As already discussed, you can first wait for the airline to bring some changes to your flight schedule but if there’s a compulsion to cancel your flight, then do the same within 24 hours of booking as you can still manage to get at least an e-voucher for your cancelled ticket. To cancel your ticket offline, simply dial the airline’s dedicated phone number and place a request for cancellation. But for offline cancellation, the airline may charge a nominal convenience fee. provides you with online guides to cancel your airline tickets, products and services.

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